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Supercloset Grow Cabinets

Supercloset Indoor Grow Cabinets, Boxes & Complete Superroom Tents

Supercloset grow cabinets and boxes are the best around for fast, high yield indoor gardening. Their fully automated system makes indoor gardening easy for everyone, and they look like a beautiful piece of furniture! Choose from many sizes and styles. HPS and LED lighting systems available, all with a 3 year Warranty. All Equipment Included. The SupHerb Herb & Flower Dryer Cabinet is also available in this section.

We now have Free Shipping on the larger grow cabinets, and Reduced shipping charges on the small grow boxes, to save you money. They are still shipped via Freight from Supercloset, we just cover as much of the cost as we can. 

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About SuperCloset Indoor Grow Rooms & Cabinets

Hydroponics Super Closet Grow Room systems are easily the best closet grow room cabinets on the market to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and fruits at home, all year long. Each Hydroponic closet grow room is stylish and perfect for the beginner or busy Hydroponics gardener, and comes complete with everything you need to grow Hydroponics plants immediately.

Why should you buy your SuperCloset grow room cabinets and tents from Natures Hydroponics?

Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

Natures Hydroponics, under our parent company name of New Dawn Products, has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2010. We have never had a complaint filed by a customer, and plan on keeping it that way. We want to help our customers, not cause them stress and trouble.

Customer Service:  

We will track your SuperCloset grow cabinet from the time your order is placed on the production list, through production, to delivery at your front door, and phone or email updates to you at your preference. See how many businesses will do that regularly! Don't be stressed wondering what's happening with the grow cabinet box you just spent thousands of dollars for. Let us take the time needed to find out the ongoing status of your order during production and shipping, and send you update emails. Be stress-free by buying from us!

Customer Testimonial:

I ordered my Trinity Supercloset through Natures Hydroponics, and Marcia kept me informed at every stage of the process, making sure that I knew when it went to production, when it was shipped, and when it was due to arrive. Yesterday (January 4, 2012) I got my closet and everything looks great! Thanks Natures Hydroponics for an excellent customer service experience. I will order exclusively through you from now on. Tracy, Kansas

Shipping Features & Charges

Each Super Closet Grow Room, Clone Machine and Dryer is shipped to you assembled. Due to the assembled, oversize shipment charges for the Supercloset Grow Rooms and weight (between 60 and 500 pounds) of all components, the Shipping Charges from the Manufacturer range from $175 to $595, industry wide, depending on which Supercloset Hydroponics Grow Room, Cabinet or Tent you are purchasing. Natures Hydroponics does not control the cost of shipping charges.

The shipping packaging has black wrapping around the cabinet. No information, other than your name and mailing address, appear on the outside of the package for completely discreet shipping.

The Super Closet Grow Rooms are made to order, and manufactured when ordered. Please call 623-974-0787 for Super Closet's current production and shipping timeframe.

Now Available for shipment to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada for an additional charge of $100 to $650, depending on the Super Closet Grow Room size purchased! Please contact us for additional cost of Shipping to these areas. 

Supercloset Components Generally Included With Grow Room Cabinets:

HPS Lighting System and Ballast -  Features a 400W and/or 600W HPS lighting system and digital ballast with the exclusive Smart Volt™ feature, which operates on both 120 & 240 volt power. 
SunLift™ -  A reflector suspension system which allows you to adjust the height of a hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height. The support strings pull out and retract like a yo-yo. A pair of SunLifts can support up to 22 lbs. Finally, a simple way to raise a hood as your plants grow! 
Technaflora "Recipe for Success" Starter Kit line of plant nutrients -
The Technaflora "Recipe for Success" starter kit plant nutrients is an 8-part liquid plant nutrient line that is far more superior than the powder plant nutrients. Ideal for new and experienced gardeners alike, this self-contained package of exceptional products includes everything required to set you on the right course for gardening success. The 8-part starter kit includes B.C. Bloom, B.C. Boost, B.C. Grow, Thrive Alive B-1 Red, Thrive Alive B-1 Green, Awesome Blossoms, Rootech Cloning Gel, MagiCal, SugarDaddy, Root66 and a mixing chart. The Mixing Chart shows customers how to successfully use their plant nutrients in combination for maximum benefits, from the cutting stages through to the flowering stages. These plant nutrients will get you through the first harvest.
Industrial Grade Carbon filter - The seamlessly designed carbon filter made by OdorSok eliminates all odor emanating from inside all of our products. It lasts up to two years before needing replacement and ensures the air around your cabinet is as clean as your corporate office. Cleaning is easy!
Ph Control Kit made by General Hydroponics - Is your Ph off today?  Well, it won’t be if you use our Ph Control Kit made by General Hydroponics.  The kit contains 8 ounces pH Up, 8 ounces pH Down, 1 ounce indicator and vial.  Each system comes with this kit that will keep your plants loving you. 
The Super Cloner - Love your plant so much you wish you could keep it forever?  Well you can with The Supercloner! Take cuttings from your favorite plants and start anew and never have to worry about watering as this system is automated. 
Analog Dual Timer - Our Dual Timer is the brain behind our Air-Cooled Lighting System, the internal circulation fan, and the exhaust fan. Syncing up all three components on this timer is not only efficient it also super easy and reliable. The pushbuttons make setting the timer a no brainer. Say hello to vacation with no worries. 
The Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat - We know you want successful, quick, and healthy germination.  The Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat improves success rates by 75% by increasing temperatures underneath the seedling tray by 15.  Follow the directions provided in the instruction manual for propagation that will make you say, “Wow!”. 
Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer - Complete with clock function and alarm, 12/24 hour mode, and waterproof temperature prob - How hot is it inside the SUPERCLOSET?  What is the humidity inside the cabinet?  Never guess again as this advanced digital thermometer and hygrometer, complete with clock function and alarm, 12/24 hour mode, and waterproof temperature probe tells all.  
The SUPERCLOSET Instructional DVD - Everything to get started using our systems is found on this DVD; from how to plug the cabinet in to integrating the CO2 system.  If you don't have a DVD player, a paper bound instruction manual comes with each system to cover you. 
RockWool Cubes - What is rockwool?  Rockwool is spun granite and wicks like nothing you have ever seen before.  Roots find a nice comfortable healthy home in our cubes and once they get their legs, they easily poke through to find some clay rocks below to start a healthy foundation. 
Internal Circulation 2 Speed 4 1/2 inch (160/100 CFM) Fan - Another reason the SUPERCLOSET is the most unique grow cabinet out there is the utilization of our internal circulation fan.  This 2 speed, 4 ½ “ fan with  airflow 160/100 CFM depending on high/low setting enables the SUPERCLOSET to recreate the  wind that passes through your outdoor garden.  Easy to adjust the height, speed and tilt angle of the propeller makes this component a customer favorite! 
Propagation Dome & Tray - The cornerstone of the VeggieChamber is the old faithful plastic dome and tray. It is the industry standard for bringing new plants into the world! The generous height of the dome gives plants lots of room to get a good start for successful growing. 
Analog Timer (programmable at 15 minute intervals) - Who doesn’t like vacation?  This analog, programmable at 15 minute intervals timer allows you the worry free time away from your SUPERCLOSET.  Set it once and enjoy a long weekend at the beach knowing everything is running smooth and on-time within your indoor grow environment. 
Net Trellis - One of the key features of all of our products that we are most proud of, is the utilization of the net trellis to tie down plants and add 15-25% to your yield.  Our DVD tutorial shows you exactly how and when to implement this indoor gardening must. 
Eco Water Pump - The 185 to 264 GPH (gallon per hour) water pump is the heart and flow of our unique hydroponic systems  Its powerful oil free high magnetic rotor, ceramic shaft and bearing insures reliability and quiet operation.  Plug it into its designated timer and you never have to worry again about your plants getting the right nourishment, the right amount, at the right time each day. 
Measuring Cup - Rule 1: don’t over nutrify.  Use this measuring cup to ensure you are adding the right amount of the right nutrient formula for your babies.  Don’t get caught guessing! 
GFCI Plug Adapter - Safety first!  That’s what we abide by at SUPERCLOSET daily and why we include a GFCI plug adapter with every one of our products.  Extremely easy to operate and a must for eliminating electronic malfunctions whenever water is adjacent to electrical components. 
Clay Grow Rocks - Why are Hydroponics plants in the SUPERCLOSET so strong and vigorous?  It’s all about the rocks!  below!  Two to three layers of the provided clay grow rocks below your growing medium will not only ensure proper water drainage in the hydroponic system, they will also give your plant roots something solid to cling onto.  Like any solid foundation, these rocks can be used indefinitely for strength and support. 
Rockwool Cube Covers - What’s that green stuff on top of my rockwool cubes?  It’s algae and its natural.  We give you these rockwool cube covers to reduce algae production and control humidity from the top of the cube down.

Additional Upgrades and Options Available


HPS Upgrade

The 400W and 600W HPS SuperCool Lumatek Lighting Systems, designated for your particular grow cabinet, are dimmable and on a yo-yo system. This will give you full light control and penetration to your plants. The ballast features the exclusive Smart Volt™ feature, which operates on both 120 & 240 volt power. Simply unplug one cord and plug in the other. 8-foot 120 volt power cord included. Purchase 240 volt cord separately (Code No. 903082). This grow light system will save you energy, and uses 5-12% less energy than magnetic H.I.D. grow ballasts (depending on lamp specification). Extremely efficient; with a 99.9% power factor. The soft start feature increases lamp life and reduces lumen depreciation. Lightweight- the 400W weighs 11lbs. and the 600W weighs 14 lbs. The digital ballast can ignite both HPS and MH lamps. A very quiet operation, with rubber feet to reduce noise and vibration. Short circuit protection.  

 TechnaFlora Upgrade

The Ugrade Package of TechnaFlora Plant Nutrients is a great value. You will receive enough of each plant nutrient to make it through 2 to 4 plants cycles. When you purchase the upgrade with your grow cabinet, additional shipping is NOT charged, saving you that expense when you need to replenish your supply of plant nutrients. The number of bottles you will receive is shown on the Product Pages.

SuperPonics Upgrade

The 8, 16, or 32-Plant SuperPonics fully automated watering system will grow your Hydroponic plants better and faster than other single watering systems. With both a water pump and air pump included, your plants will be safe and will continue living if either one of them goes out. With the top feed watering, and the bottom feed oxygenation, your plants will thrive as they get the needed oxygen and plant nutrients to produce the yields you are looking for. This watering system will grow your plants up to five times faster than growing in soil.

SuperCloner Upgrade

Love your plant so much you wish you could keep it forever?  Well, you can with The Supercloner! Take cuttings from your favorite plants and start anew. Never worry about forgetting to water your plants! The mini, 16-plant, and this 32-plant cloning system is fully automated to take care of the watering and oxygenation for you! You can even grow your Mother plants and plant clones up to 2 feet tall. If you are growing vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and herbs, leave them right in your plant cloner and harvest direct!

BubbleBucket Upgrade

These 6, 12 or 24 BubbleBucket Grow Systems are so much better than the other bucket systems available. They combine the technology of bubble systems and ebb n flow systems to give you a deep culture, automated recirculating system to keep water fresher and plants healthier.

Co2 Regulator Upgrade

While the addition of Co2 in your grow cabinet is not a requirement, it will help your plants grow faster, stay greener, and be healthier. When you purchase the Co2 Regulator, it will be ready to hook up to your Co2 Tank, which is not included. A 20 pound Co2 tank is recommended for this regulator.

Germination Upgrade

This germination package is a must for those of you that plan to use seeds to grow your favorite vegetables or plants. The package comes with:

  • Seedling Tray
  • Humidity Dome
  • Seedling Heat Mat
  • Heat Mat Thermostat
  • Rockwool Cube Grow Medium

This option will maximize your success percentages with rare and pricey plant seeds.

 RO Water Purifier Upgrade

Purify your plant's water with a Stealth Reverse Osmosis 200 Water Purification Filtration Option.  Nowadays water supplies are not what they used to be, especially in Metropolitan areas. High pH Level, Iron Oxide, and Chlorine content have gone up dramatically. Even Ground Water can have traces of Rust, unwanted Nitrates, and Pesticides, all of which affect your plants growth and health. Easy to set up and easy to use, here are the specs on the RO system:

  1. 200 Gallons per day
  2. Removes 98% of chlorine and contaminants
  3. Wastes approximately 25% less water than other RO systems
  4. Includes: 4 stage RO System, 2 RO membranes, Carbon Filter, Cleanable Sediment Filter, Automatic Shut-Off Cartridge, Wall Mountable Metal Bracket, Garden Hose Connector, Inline Shut-Off, 8ft RO & Drain Line, 5ft Inlet Line, Filter Wrench, Instructions.

Advantages Of SuperCloset Grow Rooms & Cabinets

Flower anywhere from 1 to 32, 4-5 foot tall Hydroponics plants and Harvest Every Single Month, while continuously vegetating with a mix of Plant Clones and Mothers.
  • You can have many Mothers at once for a nice variety of plants.

  • The upgraded Supercloset Grow Rooms come with the new Superponics watering system that grows your plants up to 2-5 times faster, bigger, better, and easier than other traditional Hydroponics or soil methods.

  • Only SuperCloset Grow Systems are professionally assembled with every component imaginable, including air-filter and plant nutrients, timers, and grow medium.

  • Only SuperCloset Grow Room Cabinets are guaranteed to grow easier, bigger, healthier and better than any other grow cabinet or system.

  • Use up to 20% less energy, have fewer power surges, is just more efficient for you than other systems with the special digital grow ballasts.

  • Only cabinet design with real-cross-airflow, proper air-cooled lights and internal circulation fan, so corner plants will grow.

  • Fantastic watering system. No clogged drippers, constant cleaning, or random dead plants.

  • Strongest roots and plant structure possible.

  • Fully automated. Leave for days without worry!

  • Free Instructional Tutorial DVD and lifetime technical support.

  • Only one plug for the entire grow room cabinet means only one standard 110V outlet used in your home or apartment!

  • Yields up to 30-50% more than other systems.

  • 3 times more airflow than most other systems.

  • Comes with every single component imaginable and free technical support!

  • Made in California. Support your USA manufacturing businesses!

Best Grow Room System Guarantee, a 3 Year Warranty, a DVD Tutorial, and Lifetime Customer Support!


If you have additional grow room questions not addressed here about your Super Closet Grow Cabinet, please either call 623-974-0787 or email us at